About me

Brief notes

Verónica´s creative soul stood out on her business vision based on her studies in Business Administration and Management, Marketing and E-Commerce.
That creative soul that pushed her toward her purpose, led her to dive in to her greater passion: The world of fashion. So in 2010 she redirected her steps towards Pattern Design, which she studied for two years.
In 2012 she was introduced in the Haute Couture by the designer Manuel Espuch from Alicante. For 5 years she was his pattern designer and cutter, a job that enriched her and taught her all the ins and outs of good couture. Working together with the best dressmakers and seamstresses Verónica acquired an added value that would stay with her throughout all her career as a designer.

The Perfect Pattern
Since her beginnings Verónica Gutgar has been observing and applying different methods of traditional pattern in order to obtain the “perfect pattern”, in accordance with her way of seeing and perceiving the tailor-made sewing.
So, making the most of every opportunity, and incorporating solutions, she started to develop her own pattern and couture method, which she would share with her students in her School some years later.
During her search for design and textures, Verónica was involved as freelance patternmaker in different design companies to solve pattern problems (Pattern Consultings), Mirlo Denim Good from Barcelona is one of them.
In 2017, Verónica Gutgar, collaborates with NO FIRM an international on-line fashion platform, that brings together pioneering designers in sustainability awareness from all over the world.
That same year she committed to her dream and created her own Couture Line, where she carried out the entire process of creating tailor-made garments for women: Wedding, Ceremony and Red Carpet dresses.
Gutgar Experience, The Conscious School
She also created the Alicante Conscious School, The Gutgar Experience, a different Fashion School with a holistic education method, where listening to students and their needs is one of the priorities. The other is to discover and develop the creativity of her students, the future designers.
Consistency and quality training are the epicenter of The Gutgar Experience philosophy. Her personalized and small classes offer students the designer´s vision and experience of fashion.
Her constant innovation on pattern making opens borders such was the case that the Japanese master Shingo Sato, considered the best pattern maker in the world, was interested in her work and collaborated with her with his master classes at The Alicante Gutgar Experience School.
The Japanese Master Shingo Sato taught his TRCutting Initiation Method Workshop at The Gutgar Experience in 2017. This master classes are only accessible in the most prestigious international fashion schools such as The Parson in NY, or the Saint Martins School in London, and now at The Gutgar Experience School in Alicante. Therefore Verónica´s hometown is now part of the exclusive international fashion circuit, up to where designers from other countries, and renowned companies such as Zalando, have come to enjoy the experience.
This news appeared in the magazine Viajar.com in an article about Alicante as an example of avant-garde, along with great figures from the province, as well as in local newspapers that also highlighted this great feat.
In 2018 the Master Shingo Sato came back to The Gutgar Experience School to teach the second part of his Workshop, in wich Verónica Gutgar was both, the workshop planner and student.

Organic Pattern and Conscious Couture
After this second experience, Shingo Sato offered Verónica the possibility to study a Master, exclusively for trainers, so that she could access to all knowledge of the TRCutting method.
The Japanese master´s method that breaks with established limits and transforms the dimensional vision of the body, helps her to finish shaping her own Teaching Method, Organic Pattern and Conscious Couture,
So, after this Master, Verónica Gutgar became part of the international cast of TR Cutting, where only 3 Spaniards hold this title.
Today, Verónica continues to revolutionize the fashion world in the heart of Alicante. Her workshop has become the epicenter of the national fashion. In her place she welcomes her clients for the sole purpose of giving sense of making clothing perceived through the senses. At Verónica Gutgar´s Workshop, wishes, desires and emotions flourish throughout the creative process, until the final piece is reached. A unique piece that transmits the personality and soul of the woman who dreamed it.