Welcome to this corner where Verónica Gutgar shows her most authentic DNA throught small limited collections.


These collections are born form the introspection of our designer and the need to tell her own story.


It´s pieces made in size 38/40 EU.


It can be reproduced under pre-order and custom, if your size is another.


If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please contact us by pone: 630052938


This collection is a journey towards finding my own uniqueness. A journey of recognition towards the main values that form my essence and give structure to my identity.

“I am the unity of 10 manifesting in feminine”- Veronica Gutgar.

Fabrics such as cellulose crepe, silks, taffeta, natural silk brocade and unique rhinestone fabrics make up this DNA called “Uniqueness”.

A collection whose pieces differ from each other, and whose guiding thread is myself, the creator.

The Initiator, Creativity, Innocence, Transparency, Nobility, Warrior, Femininity, Integrity, Naturalness and Seed.

Credit: @amalgama_fotografia_bodas