Signature Couture

Signature Couture

Verónica Gutgar is a pret-a-couture fashion company “made in Spain” born from a woman´s dream, its creative director.

It is a sustainable brand that opts for slow fashion since its beginnings.

All of our work are tailored-made, created on demand. No stock is stored.

We know the source of all the fabrics we use and in some cases, we directly travel to the countries of origin to purchase the fabrics in order to assure the highest quality of the product.

Our clothes are long-lasting as they are made with high-quality materials and sewing.

The sewing workshop masters the art of pattern making and couture enhancing majestically the personality of each women in each piece. Each design is unique and personalized.

The “Veronica Gutgar” woman can be described as a contemporary and sophisticated woman.

Call to appointment: 630052938

“I think it is a gift to recognize the inner beauty of a woman and to know how to enhance it and transmit it through a garment.”
Verónica Gutgar

“My purpose is to design for women and join them throughout the creative process, from the emotional part to the final creation of the dress.”
Verónica Gutgar

“Balancing the portrait of women through cutting and colours is an art that I practice in every order that I carry out.”
Verónica Gutgar

Verónica Gutgar is a company of Women who take care of Women.


    “After spending weeks searching unsuccessfully for the perfect wedding dress, I met Verónica thanks to a friend. She understood me perfectly from the very beginning and I decided that she would be in charge of a mission as important and difficult as that of making the ideal dress for a bride. Now, looking back in time, I know it was a wise decision. Working with her has been very easy, she is available 24/7 to resolve any doubt (which have not been few…), always adapting to my likes and dislikes, all of this with a smile on her face, showing enthusiasm, affection and a great work-ethic. I was not let down by the result. The two dresses I received are simply superb, truly unique art pieces. Thanks for everything.”


      “I only have positive things to say about Verónica. After weeks of uncertainty and many doubts about which dress to wear for my son´s wedding, a friend recommended me to contact Veronica and we got along from the very beginning. Her approach, her personality and her ideas, as well as my own willingness to give her total control over the project, made my dress a success in the end. Verónica’s professionalism was very reassuring and made me feel safe and secure. I knew I was in good hands, as Verónica is very detail-oriented and left nothing to chance. All of this made me feel very comfortable on that special day. Thank you Verónica from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your professionalism and patience.”


        “You came into my life, Verónica. I enjoyed every meeting with you, in each dress fitting something shone inside me that made me feel special.
        Thank you for your great care, sensitivity and your qualities as a human being and as a professional. Happiness to me is made up of special moments that you’ll always remember, those in which you feel the pulse of life, where you immerse yourself through emotion to connect with your own essence… THANK YOU, Verónica.”