Alicante Fashion Conscious School

What is Gutgar Experience?


Gutgar Experience is a Fashion School, specialized in pattern making and custom sewing. You will learn in a practical way to build any garment you want to make, from design, pattern making, cutting and sewing, through an organic method, easy to assimilate and very intuitive, which will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge to make it come true. all your creativity.


Its trainer, Verónica Gutgar, pattern maker and active designer, will teach you in a personalized way, the secrets of haute couture, so that your garments acquire added value.


You will learn to recognize all kinds of fabrics that will allow you to choose the right ones so that your clothes consistently convey what you want to tell.


You will study in a professional workshop that will contribute to your knowledge not only the technical part of this sector, but also the human and business part, this being, dealing with clients, how to manage a workshop, etc.


To request information, contact us: 630052938

Who is it for?


At Gutgar Experience we teach different profiles of students of all ages.

  • Fashion students from Official Schools who want to broaden their knowledge of pattern making and sewing.
  • Students who want to dedicate themselves to fashion design with professional views, from a very practical and concise perspective, without going through Official Schools.
  • Students who are interested in making their own clothes, without being professionals in the sector.

It is not necessary to have knowledge of design, sewing or pattern making, to start learning, since in our school, Gutgar Experience, we teach from scratch, covering all the needs of our students.


Why choose Gutgar Experience?


At our school, quality in training prevails, listening to the student’s needs, the commitment and dedication of our trainer when it comes to working individually with each student in their development and learning, transmitting not only all their knowledge, but all Love and Passion for this profession.


To guarantee all of the above, classes have a maximum of 3 people.


To request information, contact us: 630052938

What is the pattern making method studied at school?

At the Gutgar Experience you will learn a unique pattern-making method, created and developed by our trainer, Verónica Gutgar, through studying, experimenting, mixing and checking traditional and avant-garde methods learned throughout her career. Where pattern making, as a unique and non-transferable anatomical vision, is the starting point from which the garment is created, giving life to the concept of “dressing a body”, taking into account its movement and structure, focused on the organic part, which helps to develop and enhance observation and logic, making it a very intuitive learning.

The organic pattern maker combines in its essence harmony and consonance that, together with Verónica’s innate vision of aesthetics and beauty, creates a unique and differentiated Method.

Holistic training method

Observation and listening. The first step.

We consider each student individually, asking ourselves what their qualities, interests, talents and dreams are to help them achieve their goals.

Through listening and observation, we obtain the answers to all those questions and we begin the process of germination and flowering, giving each one their own seeds, those that resonate with their way of learning, making their experience a unique experience of learning.

We try to build all our training on 3 fundamental aspects:

Creativity: We help to discover and enhance the creativity of each of our students. Define your own style in order to recognize yourself in each of your creations.

The willpower and perseverance: Motivating students and teaching them these basic principles of work, is fertilizing the ground to achieve all their goals.

Emotional management: helping our students manage their emotions during the creative process, where fears, frustrations and emotions surface that can often hinder the learning path, is essential.

These tools will provide great benefits for both your personal and professional development.

To request information, contact us: 630052938


    “A revolution! So can be defined my time at The Gutgar Experience.
    What started as “I want to learn how to do a small clothing repairs” has led to the wonderful discovery of being able to create clothes that I imagine with my own hands.
    Verónica offers a global, holistic and conscious teaching… but that she does not tell you is that attending her classes is totally therapeutic. An experience that favors personal growth: Thank you Verónica!”


      “I recommend the Gutgar Experience School completely, without a doubt and after having attended to several pattern and clothing schools in Alicante and having studied its different pattern methods, I can assert that The Gutgar Experience is the best fashion School in Alicante. Thanks to Verónica I have been able to make imposible patterns.
      Verónicas´s talent is incredible and she gets transmit their students all her motivation and joy. Without a doubt , after being several years learning with her, I feel fully preparated to enter into the the world of fashion on a professional level.”


        “The Gutgar Experience has been a before and after for me.
        Starting with the perception of pattern making, a concept that I thought I knew until the date I started at The Gutgar Experience. The importance to visualizing and being able to capture your designs in a pattern is very important for a fashion designer. Being able to make an idea or draft come true is what gives meaning to our profession.
        In The Gutgar Experience you learn to give importance to small details , such as the position of the hands when working, the finishes and styles of our clothes, the construction of a pattern through conscious reflection, etc. All this is what makes the difference, what you adquire and promote based on your needs or future projection.”


          “I have allways been a pasionate of fashion. I liked playing, testing and trying to make my own difference. I started to enhance my creativity when I began my studies of fashion design, but I really started to value it when I met Vero in my second year. The sensitivity, conscience and heart that goes into everything is totally contagious. There are not obstacles, all you want to create is possible. With her I have learnt that sewing makes you connect with an inner peace that we often do not know we have.
          Although reaching the end of any project can have many obstacles, the satisfaction of the final work is incomparable.
          The fabric, the details, the losse threads, the pattern. All this “with the very careful handling”- as Veronica always says.”

            JULIA VERA

            “I allways had the concern to design and create. This led me to study interior design, but I also felt the need to enter in the Couture world.
            Over a year and a half ago I contacted with The Gutgar Experience. I have to say that by then I did not even know how to insert a pin. Vero made me not only to learn to insert that pin, but also instilled in me the love for this profession, making her classes a unique experience.
            Thanks to her pattern method, her way of teaching and her knowledge of listening and transmitting, I have been able to realize many of the Works I have allways wanted. Making this experience more and more enjoyable.”

              ISABEL GARCIA

              “Pattern making become easily with her. All those laborious calculations learned in other places to make patterns, here, disappear. Her organic pattern method makes you understand every part of the body and thus feel able to praise it, both in women, men and children.
              She allways greets you with a smile and encourages you to reach your dreams. Thanks to her, I have done a u-turn and I am beginning to fulfill them.”

                IRENE MELERO

                “In The Gutgar Experience I have learned a lot. I came with a basic knowledge of pattern making and clothing. Thanks to the methods that are given in the classes apart from the learning, you can develop the vision of how to dress a body.
                From these new pattern making methods I have been able to visualize the garment and build in, something that before I started at The Gutgar Experience I did not see myself capable of doing. I have been able to realize Projects that I did not image finishing.
                The learning that can be obtained at The Gutgar Experience is something that anyone who wants to dedícate to fashion should acquire.”

                  MARIA JOSE DIAZ

                  “I must say that I have felt within me the concern to learn pattern making and sewing for a long time. For me, meeting Verónica and her School has meant a beam of light that has iluminated the way for me to follow, learning that it is never too late to start if you really want to do it. The process requires patience, but the illusion and well-being they generate make it an enjoyement.
                  Thank you Verónica for teaching us the essence, the reasoning of how to capture the volume of the body, rectify our postures when working, give us a holistic knowledge of the whole process, which is a wonderful universe.
                  Thank you for that magnificent positive energy that you transmit in everything. In short, a unique experience.”

                    SARA MONTEAGUD

                    “When creativity, work and detail come together in the same room, they create the atmosphere you feel at School.
                    Everything flows with positive energy and music.
                    Her classes make you focus on your own dreams, become aware and feel safe at every step you take, focusing on what makes you happy.
                    All her experience, keys, advises and good work will make you love the world of fashion, pattern making and clothing more and more everyday.
                    I encourage you to become involved with us in an environment, full of energy, where you work speaks of you.”